Summer 2019 is 
unforgettable to me... 
in Minneapolis where 
I always felt free.
Friends with scooters 
and spilt milkshakes...  
tobacco shops and 
drunken mistakes. 

Uber drives in 
new-scented cars...  
with unlikely dives 
at classy gay bars. 

Cigarette butts and 
cold windy nights...  
hotel keys and 
blurred city lights. 

Crooked smiles and 
shitty leftovers... 

With a pancake house 
that fixed the hangovers.


I’ve been texting you for an hour,
But nothing has been sent.
Just writing.
Just erasing.
Just crying.
I want to know that you’re okay,
But I need to refrain myself.
From asking.
From intruding.
From speaking.
I fucking miss you so much,
But I’m trying to be strong.
Be unwavering.
Be smart.
Be tough.
I want you back in my life so damn badly,
But we need to end this cycle.
For you.
For me.
For us.