You gave me back the stars 
that were doomed in my memory. 

The constellations that had 
left an acrid taste in mouth 
now taste sweet. 
The bitterness of their 
sacred names swiftly dissipating 
from my tongue. 
My jaw, once clenched tight 
with anger, finally relaxed 
into a smile of serenity. 

Allowing me to bask in awe 
under the stars once again. 

Just Me

There was just me.
Then there was you too.
Sitting in white rockers.
Up high on a dark, chilly balcony.
Watching, gazing, thinking...

Overlooking the night of Sunset Beach.
Staring up under Orion's Belt.
Lights shining through pinholes.
Set deep into the ink black sky.
Imaging, dreaming, growing...

Watching the waves in front of us.
Listening to their thunderous sounds.
We're smoking cigarettes.
Breathing in more than the salty air.
Talking, laughing, crying...

It was just us and our thoughts.
Our words that broke through the ocean air.
Thoughts that came to light.
Feelings that were shared.
Loving, believing, living...

Now they are only memories.
Almost like they were never really there.
A blank space with nothing left to see.
Because now it's only you.
And now it's just me.