You gave me back the stars 
that were doomed in my memory. 

The constellations that had 
left an acrid taste in mouth 
now taste sweet. 
The bitterness of their 
sacred names swiftly dissipating 
from my tongue. 
My jaw, once clenched tight 
with anger, finally relaxed 
into a smile of serenity. 

Allowing me to bask in awe 
under the stars once again. 

An Act

I've been the actress for 
others acts of desperation, 
depressed and unhinged 
I fit the narratives direction. 

I was the protagonist 
I assume as last resort, 
I was unfiltered, damaged, 
and easy to abort. 

The antagonists were always 
what everyone hates the most, 
using smiles and manipulation 
to draw others close. 

But in each story 
the endings were the same, 
take what you can 
and then just place the blame. 

Although maybe in reality 
I was the antagonist too, 
because I was my own worst enemy 
for a time or two.