The reality is that 
I'm not indifferent...  
I'm unimpressed 
and lacking the 
motivation to be 
anything more than 

Because they see 
any faults in  
perfection as 
nothing more than 

I'm exhausted from 
feeling worthless  
from their countless 
acts of bullshit,  

I'm overwhelmed 
and underappreciated 
so my indifference... 
is actually resentment. 

8 thoughts on “Resentment

  1. Well, this looks like a mathematic proof, if math were words and comprehensible. But I enjoyed the journey from Indifferentsville to Resentmentburg.

    Though neither sound like lovely places to be.

    Cheers, though. I look forward to your stuff, and if it’s therapeutic — all the better.

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