It's just a powder... 

White Pressed 
and covered 
in an enteric-coated 

Altering my mind 
while chemically 
convincing me 
I'm well. 

Branded to fix 
all the dopamine 
and serotonin... 

In lieu of my 
over-indulgence of 
caffeine and melatonin. 

Side effects may include 
suicidal thoughts 
and/or actions... 

But misery also 
holds a certain level 
of attraction. 

17 thoughts on “Chemicals

  1. You’ve described it perfectly. It’s difficult and strange sometimes to explain to people that SSRIs themselves can cause depression as a side effect. The dopamine rush from caffeine and in my case cigarettes is no longer what it was. These days, ennui consumes me all the time.

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  2. This piece is so relatable. I’m on Zoloft too. Would love not to have to take it because I get the meh feeling too, but I think I’d rather be dealing with that than being chronically agitated as I was for the last 50 years without medication.

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