17 thoughts on “Temporary

  1. Beautiful and so poignant, Hal. I really love this poem. It’s so full of meaning and something I can definitely identify with. Hope you are well and keeping warm (depending on where you are in the world, that is.)

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      • I’ve heard it was cold in your part of the world. I’m in the UK. We’ve just had a bitterly cold spell for just over a week. We’ve had thick snow and black ice. Treacherous to go out in. The nighttime temperatures were -9C, although I’m sure it’s an awful lot colder where you are. I’ve been really cold this week because, although I have central heating, I can only occasionally afford to use it. I’ve been dressing in many layers of clothes with a scarf and a hat indoors. My bedroom was down to 6C some nights, so just a bit chilly! xx πŸ’“πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š

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      • Yeah…. Winter sucks. It hits about -20C most nights here in Wisconsin, but we’re very used to it. I would be bundling up too if it was that chilly in my house!!!! Is central heating expensive there? I pay like $100 monthly for mine (which is a lot too).

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      • Thanks for your reply, Hal. That’s very cold there, but I guess you have suitable warm clothing when you go out. Heating here is a lot more expensive than over there. I pay the equivalent of 200$ per month! That’s why I can’t afford to use it hardly at all. I wear lots of layers indoors and have a heat pad which I wrap around my back and shoulders. It helps a bit. X

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  2. It’s so true! I often feel the true test of a relationship (friendship, familial, or romantic) is through the fire and shortly afterward. Sometimes we band together through trials but fall apart when the crisis has past. It’s in the times we don’t quite get along or even separate a bit, we observe, are we fighting together, closer towards one another? Or are we pushing apart?

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