I’m Okay

I haven’t just blasted out my rambling thoughts for awhile, but I have something on my mind…

Recently, I had a conversation with a coworker/friend whom I’ve gotten closer to over this past year. He asked one question and there I went… spewing out five years of personal information that rarely leaves my mouth. I vented and he listened as I spoke about my sexual assault, relationship drama, and quarter-life mental crisis. He ended it with the usual “I’m sorry that happened to you” and facial expression that hints at feelings of pity. However, I realized that I had ended it with something new. I said, “It’s okay…. well not really fucking okay, but I’m happy now”.

I’m happy now…

Sure. I still have my bad moments… days… and mildly disturbing intrusive thoughts… but I can truthfully say I’m okay now. Generally I’m still moody as all shit, but my mental health is manageable, my relationships are healthier, and my confidence is back (most days). I’m actually fucking happy…

So, if you’ve made it this far I just wanted to say thank you. Those in my WordPress community (whenever you have joined along the way) have given me a safe place to vent and share pieces of my life without backlash or criticism. In all seriousness… I don’t really know if I would be here today without this.

Now I will continue on with my moody poetry and amateur photography. 🙌

Thanks again.

– Hal

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