There was a stranger 
in my home, 
and they hid perfectly.

Lurking and snaking
through the shadows,
amusing themselves 
with the thrill of 
going unnoticed.

They watched silently. 

Absorbing and observing 
the miniscule details,   
adding to their list 
of evidential flaws. 

And they searched intrusively. 
Prying and peering 
into the failed bits 
and miserable pieces 
of my daily life.

There was a stranger 
in my home, 
and that stranger was me.

12 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. Powerful piece. I hope you don’t mind a tiny piece of constructive criticism (if you do, ignore this):
    I think this might have been even more potent without the inclusion of the final line – leaves that tiny doubt in the reader’s head.
    Enjoyed this though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting twist!!
    I was wondering who’s that stranger, But I like how it’s ended.
    Also, I love whatever I’ve read so far, looking forward to read more. I really think you are an amazing writer and poetess. Your words are beautiful and well written, with a balance of mystery and integrity.

    Liked by 1 person

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