Purposeful Survival

Sometimes I feel like life
is just some sick joke on all of us.

The purpose of humanity is to do one thing right?
We’re supposed to survive.
Yet here we are…
spending our entire fucking lives trying to do everything and anything
we can to make it to another day…
still knowing that we will eventually die.

But besides just surviving for however long we have…
I feel like everyone has a desire to leave some sort of mark
on this planet.
Maybe it’s children, relationships, ideas, music, art or just something miniscule
the next generation might have a use for or remember… anything at all.

And I don’t know about you,
but I have this deep desire to leave something behind
for this world after I’m gone…
to make my own mark.

I just worry that I won’t have enough time
to figure out what that mark is before I’m gone…

27 thoughts on “Purposeful Survival

  1. I feel like this is what I’ve lived my entire life for. And while I think it’s important to leave a mark, I also think it’s important to live for yourself. Maybe just being yourself and not doing unnecessary damage is good enough. ❤ But if it's important to you, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Also, if this is a concept that is cool to you, I HIGHLY recommend The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Really great, uplifting fiction, but also very thought provoking about what happens when you're gone.

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  2. Is it that we dread the transitory nature of our lives and need to etch our names to say that we were here – as if it matters? I used to want to leave my mark so badly – some sort of legacy, something to say I was worthy.
    Now I’m not so sure, I’m not sure that anything that we think is worthy – is actually of importance in the grand scheme of things.
    I was watching an archeology show the other evening – they found a 1400 year old grave, inside was the corpse of a young woman – her hair was plaited, dark brown, it was incredibly rare to have preserved hair of that age. Her bones and skull were not unique but that hair, the plait, the way it was placed just so it trailed over her feet shoulder. The colour – so real, tangible. She had rich brown hair. 1400 years old and yet she had died probably quite young, in her 20’s. Her body was uncovered once again but her life force long sniffed out. To me she seemed an embodiment of female adrift in time. It stayed with me. We are here for such a short time – enjoy the sun on your face Hal, the change in the seasons and the smell of fresh grass. This world is full of beauty and the main thing is that we experience it while we are here because no matter what – death is inescapable and it doesn’t matter what we leave behind so much as that we are here, really here – when we have the chance. That’s my long and rambly thoughts at least 😊.

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    • I love the rambling thoughts. I’ll have to look up the back story on this one!!
      Life itself is such an insane concept. We’re all here for a reason, but everyone’s reason is just so different.
      And I agree. We all need to make every day count and live like it’s our last because we never know when our time will be up.

      Love this comment Kate ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you


  3. I am really resonating with this post of yours, thank you.

    I find myself weirdly drawn to your posts where you just bare your soul, very authentic. I hope you find solace.

    Keep writing, really enjoying the content 🙂

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