11 thoughts on “Compliance

  1. YES! This resonates so much. I’ve said things like, “Six-months-ago me would have just given you what you wanted, but not anymore.” Some people are a little bent out of shape about it…

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    • Exactly!!! In the last few months I’ve been told “I’ve changed… You’re not who you were before”… Etc..
      Sometimes we change for the better though. We get stronger and then people who pushed is around get pissy about it.


      • Definitely! I feel you so much. I made some really tough choices. I did a lot of soul searching. I’m STILL doing a lot of soul searching (and therapy), and I think I’m better and stronger for it, even if everyone doesn’t agree with my choices.

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      • Daily soul searching here too 😉
        We can’t please everyone. I’m kind of at the point that if someone doesn’t like my decisions then they can fuck off and I’ll most likely do it anyways 😏🙌🏻

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