1/4 Life Crisis

So… I haven’t just written and vented for awhile.
Lately it’s been hitting me more and more that I need to make a decision with my life.
The decision being “kids”.

I keep questioning my purpose in the world. Am I really meant to procreate?
Or is being childless best for my mental and physical health?

Basically I’m having a fucking quarter-life crisis on the daily at this point and I’m terrified.

One part of me loves this independent, free, and mildly careless life. I mean shit… I’m free to travel, work, and enjoy life without any real commitments (And I kind of like that.)

Another part of me is craving some sort of purpose… some sort of mark to be left on this planet… a reason to be alive…

I guess right now I’m just hopeful that time/fate decides it for me (Because I apparently can’t decide 100% either way and it pisses me off).

If anyone gets to this point of the post… thank you for being here to read my thoughts. 🙂