23 thoughts on “Slow-Motion

  1. Wow, you’re on a roll Hal! These poems are just so great and relatable. The future may be uncertain, but it’s just another sign that the best way to live is in the moment πŸ’›

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  2. This is how I have felt for last few months, and I’m sure many others as well. I was just reading about this and how time might move faster for us as we age; there is “physical time” and “mind time” and everyone’s mind time is different, and that creates our sense of time. But fear might, too, have such a big part in the passing of time.

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  3. Your current lifestyle working hard on these busy wards is definitely gunna be something that makes time seem to go quicker. The more routine and automatic our days, the faster they seem to go as there are less new memories. The more new things we experience, the slower it seems to go. Also concrete markers of time like things that we’ve created are a great way to remind us of actually how much time there was and makes it feel longer.

    My own life has felt like slow motion and fast-forward at different times, depending on those things. The more in the moment I am too, the slower it goes. It hasn’t been age-dependent for me like a lot of people describe, but like I have an actual remote haha (although with no pause/rewind obvs :D). So, I guess don’t fear, it’s not completely out of our control! Or it’s just me? xD

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      • Yeah ☹️.

        I guess, I was about to say that you can look forward to the point when most people are vaccinated, but… this is America. I fully expect 50% of people to refuse the vaccine πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. In my mind I’m optimistically thinking about June would be a good target to hope for some normality, though normality for you will take longer won’t it? Because of being a nurse + in USA.

        At least if time is going faster it won’t feel so long to get to that point :). It’ll be really interesting to hear your observations of how things change on the wards over time as vaccinations increase.

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