This year has been nothing that I could have imagined…

A year filled with bushfires, an awkward election, racism at it’s finest, and an unexpected pandemic. And although all of that has been super fucking great… I am so damn ready for this next year to begin.

Although I wish that the majority of this year hadn’t happened, I can also appreciate what it has done for me. It has shown me what gratitude actually is.
I look back and realize how stupid we all were for taking all those little things in life for granted. Socializing, loved ones, concerts, traveling, celebrations… and just life in fucking general. Personally I think I’ve learned enough life lessons/gratitude in this one year than I ever thought I’d learn in my entire lifetime… but I made it through. (Well almost… there’s still 15.5 hours left and we’ve all learned by now that anything can happen.) HA!

Mild rant over. R.I.P 2020. Let’s all work our asses off to make 2021 a better world for us all?

*Cue confetti and shouts of joy

Happy new year to you all!!!