33 thoughts on “Dust

  1. 😒
    Not being noticed by the people you care about hurts so much, but sometimes those people just aren’t worth it. I try to stick to the people who value me. But this is so beautifully penned ❀❀

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  2. I hope that’s not me!

    Man I so know how you feel, i’ve felt for some years that friends or family members would just never call me and often not message either, if I didn’t contact them. The last time one of my old friends called ME was when I was living in the car last year. Since I stopped living in the car, nobody seems to have any time πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. And even before that, it was getting harder and harder to stay in contact with anybody. You could just disappear and they wouldn’t know for ages.

    I’ve eventually come to the conclusion that they’re no longer my friends (by definition) and stopped worrying about them, which is a shame!

    However it’s very worrying because it seems to be a disease, that connections are weakening for a lot of people. Seems like only the most loyal people are managing to stay in touch, now.

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    • No definitely not you!!! I will never willingly give up my favorite Brit!!! πŸ˜‰
      Its just like you said. Friends in my personal life don’t seem to give a shit about me until they need something. Then as soon as they get it or I refuse it they’re gone.
      It just sucks finding out you’re being used and that your friends aren’t as loyal as you thought they were.
      I agree with what you wrote though and I’m sorry you’re old friends suck a bit too. Nice to know I’m not alone with this too though β€οΈπŸ™‚

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      • πŸ˜„πŸ’™

        My situation isn’t as bad as yours sounds. It’s more that my long-term friends seem to have grown apathetic, and forgotten to keep in touch and make the effort. However they did make the effort last year when I was in my car and really on the rocks. Their support and phone conversations then were invaluable.

        So I’m really conflicted in my thoughts about the general apathy. Cos since I’ve stopped living in the car, I’ve heard nothing spontaneously. Messages or suggestions to call are always coming from me so I gave up months ago. I even blocked them because it’s just draining my emotional energy. And most surprising was that having coincidentally moved to within 40 miles of 2 of them a year ago, I still haven’t seen one of them and the other stopping hanging out last November.

        The apathy began years before the car stuff and just continued. One of my friends (my best friend of 13 years!) I just had to stop talking to 2 years ago because his attitude to my situation was just completely off the wall and not very sympathetic/empathetic, and especially his girlfriend’s attitude (she’s one of the most toxic people I’ve ever met!).

        So yeah, connection and empathy on the wane in all cases. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Your situation of actually feeling used by people you thought were friends sounds awful!

        Yeah you’re def not alone, I think a lot of people are feeling more isolated and detached from friends.

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  3. (That’s also a problem for making friends in person because you’d have to go through so many people to find the loyal ones now, so it’s much more likely that you can make good friends with people online, especially through wordpress. When I look back, I have to go back a long way to remember feeling appreciated by in-person friends, to be honest! WordPress friends are another story).

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  4. Maybe that’s why the Universe is so good at painting masterpieces, light years wide, out of dust.
    A lesson learned from countless worlds made of people doing this to each other.

    But in those moments, I don’t drop away like dust through an hourglass. I feel the full total motherfucking lightshow of being seen and candlelit, if only for a moment… because I somehow refuse to let go.

    Reading your words just got me from one dusty place to the next.

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