How did it feel
when your mind left your body…
and you were declared dead.

Those stunning green eyes
once filled with life…
now hidden by those
black, fixed pupils.

Your every orifice
now holds tubes…
only to preserve
what’s left of you.

But not for you.

For someone deserving
of life…
or perhaps a second chance.

Now we sit here…
listening to these constant,
sharp, monitoring beeps…
my paperwork completed.

Soon the harvesters will take you
for your last salvageable parts…
like crops in a sterile field.

Brain-dead… yet still very much alive

So was it worth it?
That one last fucking high

24 thoughts on “Declared

  1. Oh my goodness. This has so much emotion in it, and you describe it so well.
    That’s such a scary place to be in. Hope it all turns out okay. The last line though, is just, wow. I’m wondering what the answer would be.
    Beautiful, yet despondent poem. I hope all will be okay ❀


  2. What a beautiful poem….”Was it worth it….That one last fucking high.”….the way you’ve captured the scene is intense, real & painful…πŸ–€β€οΈ

    The beeping sound takes me back when my father was admitted 7 yrs back….almost every night, one soul would leave the body….and how I was closing my ears & eyes to “run” away from the beeps & crying….not related to your beautiful poem though….just reminded me of that time…

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  3. Your inside perspective on such profound experiences and moments is amazing! πŸ’™

    These writings are gripping and intensely emotional. They are really good and important.

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  4. I lost the second of my parents a few months ago. I missed the bleeps taking his soul because I was still revving myself up off the floor for what I thought was going to be a very different kind of visit.
    So a long history of wasp stings conspired to make one last wound in that weird limbo place where mum had spent her last month.
    So now, I find my pieces of redemption in places like yours.

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      • Thank you. Fact that it was a difficult relationship has made it a bizarre grieving time.

        Sounds like you’ve been through more than your own share of trials.

        You write out the fallout beautifully.

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