During the day, 
I have a map.

A crisp, well designed,
detailed map

which I may drift from,
but soon come back to follow.

During the night
I have a compass.

A rusted, cracked,
loose screwed compass

which I try to follow,
but the magnetism is off.

So West becomes East,
and North becomes South...

And I'm left spinning

the full 360°...

and lost
until morning.

24 thoughts on “Directionless

  1. This reminds me of the mental breakdowns I would have at night when all these thoughts would get to me, but how much better I’d feel in the morning somehow. Beautiful!

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  2. I’m loving it….the map vs the compass….state of mind….from sense of direction….to directionless with a swirling mind….I find both equally important….to finally be on the track….it’s the way we search our souls….it’s the way to connect….universe is infinite….so we need to be directionless….to explore unseen parts….beautiful writing dear Hal….I don’t how you do it….but you (/your writings) always touch my heart ❤️

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