24 thoughts on “Doormat

      • You’re welcome Hal ❀️. I’m doing well….I’ve been to work 4 times now after 7 month / 7 days break (2 times a week – 3 hrs/day). So I’m happy….Hope you’re doing pretty well & taking care of yourself 😊

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      • I’m so happy for you!!!! It’s got to feel good getting into a routine again and seeing all your coworkers. Bet they missed you!!!!
        I’m doing good on my side of the world too 😁❀️

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      • It was quite overwhelming to see my colleagues….everyone was happy to see me & they say that I’ve been missed. It’s a great feeling to return, when at one point of time I never thought I would make it.
        I’m glad you’re doing good….shooting the hoops….with your deep writings, they’re so cool….I love the way you’re soul searching, the way you’re twisting in the loop….

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      • I’m truly happy that your life is getting back to normal… Or normal-ish. πŸ™‚ I’m seriously happy for you Navin ❀️
        And thank you! I’m definitely soul searching lol
        Still hoping to find it πŸ˜‰

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