25 thoughts on “Inner War

  1. I can so much relate to this beautiful piece, dear Hal….sometimes I dwell in that deep & dark well…from there, I try to fight my battle…which I could never win…but it’s not abt winning…spinning from head to heart…from bleed to hurt….❤️

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  2. So much I realated to this. Such profound emotions embedded in your words. Simply amazing. Keep blogging dear. 💞🌸✌

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  3. I was thinking where did you disappeared all of a sudden. Then to my surprise I’m starting to lose people by following some people least bothered about their followers. Beautiful Poem, we all have a battlefield inside our head, it’s always the one that makes us feel weak vs the one makes us feel great, we should choose one of them to win. Well done!! ✍️Have a wonderful Sunday Hal✨☺️

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