23 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. That’s the whole trick and challenge of meditation :). It’s a scary prospect for an active mind, but I’ve genuinely been converted into realising, at least for me, that that scariness is also a sign of an anxious mind. If you can master not getting anxious whilst meditating… you’ll stay calmer and therefore feeling better overall.

    Currently and for the last 18 months, meditation triggers me into dissociation habits, because of the boredom of it, and the general anxiety in my mind. But when I practice resisting those, and consciously soften anxious feelings when they arise, well, that has a massive benefit! I’m just describing my experience here, but a lot of it is general between people.

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    • At the same time though we definitely seek and are comfortable with differing levels of stimulation, underneath any effects of anxiety. If we’re putting that energy to good use, it’s a blessing :D.

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    • It’s easier for me to meditate in the morning. It’s like at night my mind is replaying everything from the day at a hundred miles a minute. There’s only one thing that really makes me fall asleep hard.


  2. The mind will never sleep, but the mind is what you think, and once you control your thoughts, nothing can touch you. Must say this is short and good oneβœ¨πŸ‘Œ Have a beautiful day HalπŸ€—πŸ’βœ¨

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  3. Switching off the mind’s tele….could be quite tricky….but though it can be achieved…let the mind do the talking…use the “noise cancelling” thingy…focus on the calmness (like that beach near you)…the rays are so sunny…the waves are so wavy….the gold on drops is dancing…this might let you to walk on the beach so sandy (/the calm mind)…instead of you running and sweating…I too am learning…just sharing with you my knowing…❀️

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  4. A poem that I felt in every fiber of my being. β€œWhen your soul is tired, sleep won’t help.”

    I’m mentally worn out due to overthinking, and constant thinking. Very good job at putting it into words, as usual.


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  5. A very related thought. I being someone who mostly indulges in overthinking about things alot can truly relate with this on a different level altogether really. It’s good to know that atleast someone understands how it feels. πŸ™‚

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