Unraveled: A collaboration

Not quite full
Yet filled with light,
Bright like the sun
In the middle of the night.

Stars galore
Surround this moon,
As your silhouette stands
Blocking my view.

Curves revealed
Eyes traverse dips

Lunar beams teasing
I bite my lip.

My eyes take you in
From bottom to top,
Surging with desire
And unable to stop.

Eyes wide with lust
Passion unveiled
Breathless on a sigh
Control has failed.

Let us collapse
Into each other as one,
With no hesitations
We come undone.

©️AnonymouslyHal ©️Unapologetically Me

For this one I got to collaborate with Unapologetically Me. She did the odd number stanzas and I did the even. I had a great time working with this amazing writer/poet and can’t wait for more!! Please check her out here at: https://unapologetic.art.blog

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