I can’t get you out of my dreams.
I start thinking
I’ll be okay without you…
And then I dream about you.

I dream about searching for you.
I dream about holding you.
I dream about just being with you.

Then I wake up.

And you’re not here.

So I grieve again…
I begin to work on myself again…
I start feeling better again…
And then it just all fucking repeats.

16 thoughts on “GTFO

  1. The feeling of longing & missing someone is a bitch….even though we ditch the feeling when we are awake by working on us or by diverting our mind…but it somehow gets stitched back in the dream…coz subconsciously the hurt is hitting us deeper than we actually thought…but you’re a strong soul…you’ll rise again (“still I rise”)…let the tears from your eyes kiss your cheeks…if your eyes wish to break loose the ocean…it would cleanse you…heal you…scream out loud to if it helps you release the pain…eventually you’ll find yourself back…this comment of mine is just a suggestion…Much love & hugs…❤️

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    • It is a bitch… I did have a good cry before coming to work… I really like looking puffy before seeing patients lol. 😁
      And you’re very right. I keep thinking I’m okay.. but I’m still missing him dearly…
      Thank you Navin. Love and hugs back ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I’m constantly caught between wanting to dream of that person, just so I can see them again, but never wanting to dream of them again as the pain of waking up without them is too much to bear.
    Awful 😔🖤

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  3. Let me give you something to dream about.
    Why don’t you try to visualize the existence of a particle in more than one places at the same instant of time? Puzzled? What if I told you that the particle is a wave?
    What if I told you that some particles can show wave cancellation just like Young’s Double Slit Experiment done on Visible Light?
    Should I go on?? 😉

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  4. This feeling, reality, is an emotional cage that we all fall into and suffer, it’s unavoidable, I can tell you to move on, if I was there I would feel the same, feelings are good, recall the good , forget the nightmares, at the end everything move on in this universe, without you, without me, without any of us, earth will still rotate and sunrise and sunset will happen, earth will Keep spinning around sun and everything has to happen Wil happen, nothing is going to stop for us, why we should stop at something that stops us, let’s go with the flow.✨😉

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