Current status…

Currently… I’m sitting here on my kitchen floor. Thinking. Writing to you.

In between my batches of chocolate walnut cookies (which smell fucking delicious btw), I’m reading a self-help book with Halsey playing in the background. Yeah yeah. I fucking broke down. Bought myself a damn self-help book from Amazon…

Maybe you have also bought a book like this. So stupidly inspirational that your whole damn life forever changes after the first chapter. I’m skeptical… but apparently fucking completely desperate for any answers or guide to changing myself at this point.

It’s bright yellow. Has basic font. A very cheery looking book. Simply titled, “YOU are a BADASS”. A guide on how to stop doubting my greatness and start living an awesome life. Basically, I figured if I was ACTUALLY going to read a self-help book it was going to have fucking sass and lots of damn cuss words. Please excuse my french.

I’m ready to start actually fucking loving myself. I want to see all the great things that everyone else apparently sees in me that I’m missing. I want to fucking discover myself and be able to mold myself into who I was meant to be. Yeah… I’ve been slowly starting to learn how to love my shitty flaws, but maybe trying something different (something with a zest of cringe) could be the extra boost that I need right now. Cringe.

So here’s to my fucking seemingly impossible soul searching mission. Wish me some luck!!!

Also… praying that the chapter “Leading with my crotch” is not going to be a literal concept… I’ll let you know.


19 thoughts on “Self-Help

  1. Leading with your crothch? Fuck is this is a self help book with that name in a chapter….well sometimes it could be fine though, just have to balance. Life is about balance says Charly who says is a Priest and has less balance than a two legged dog. But is true, IΒ΄m working on having a glance life. Anyways, good luck!

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  2. I really admire you reading the self Help book and from my experience I have read just 30 mins minimum each day on different ones and have now read 19 books. I’m 39 and before that I had probably read 1. 19 books in 18 months and has changed my life. Good on you!! Keep going

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