Fucking welcome aboard 2020!

A new year and a fresh start? Yeah… I think new year’s resolutions are complete bull. We should all be trying to resolve our problems the WHOLE damn year, not just the first two weeks of it. However, I am curious to see what I can fucking accomplish in the next 357 days of 2020.

Will I be able to change all the things about myself I dislike? Will I be able to stop wondering what others think about me? Will I be able to stop myself from seeing myself as just a number on a scale? Will I be able to hold strong to my values, even if it lets others down?

Can I be the strongest I’ve ever fucking been? Can I not make the same shitty mistakes that I’ve made over and over again? Can I love others more than I’ve ever loved them? And… Can I truly and honestly love myself?

2020… Let me give you a go.

2 thoughts on “2020

  1. Of course, you can do.. Anything n everything you want to do.. And I am not just trying to be motivational speaker here.. You have to stand up for yourself.. Read a few of your posts, I won’t feel sorry for you.. You are really very strong.. Keep going, keep showing up, get up n do every single thing you want to do.. More power to you.. n lots of love.. ❤❤❤


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