Are we truly born to meet one person to share our life with?

Switching it up tonight by talking about something not completely depressing and fucked up. Tonight I’m here thinking…

Maybe in this world we have more than one person we are supposed to connect deeply with. Maybe it’s a past life thing, like two people have known each other before in a previous life. Maybe this is just how the spirit works. Everyone out there has met someone, felt a deep connection, and thought, “I feel like I’ve known them for fucking forever”. Maybe in life we have many people that we are supposed to find, like magnets being drawn to each other though piles of rubble and trash. These people are our soulmates (not always romantic) that are there to help us grow and learn.

And fuck… I’m finding people to help me learn and grow.

2 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. I have sometimes wondered this, too. And it feels like a waste to miss out on a deep connection, because when you meet somebody who’s a soulmate, it’s so powerful, and beneficial for both people! It’s good to question things, at least! 😀

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